Heal Your Inner Child

A go at your own pace course to heal your inner child so that you can move past the pain from your childhood,  so  you are no longer looking for love and acceptance outside of you! You can find it within.

No more people pleasing and giving your power away! It is time to love yourself to step away from toxic! Make peace with your family even if they don't change! 

It includes 12 modules to support you to heal your inner child from beginning to end, lifetime access to a supportive FB community and monthly calls with me! Heal at your own speed in a nurturing community who can relate to what you have been through ! No longer feeling like victims of the past but empowered survivors  who finally realise their worth! 

14 Modules

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Here is your welcome and how to prepare for the course! 

Week 2: Your Inner Child

This module introduces you to your inner child. So you can build a beautiful new relationship with them. Reparenting your inner child grows self esteem and self love. 

Week 3: Survival Programme

Explore your current behaviours keeping you stuck in survival programme. 

Week 4: Attachment

Discover the impact 2of your early attachment to your parents and how it effects your relationships today. 

Week 10: Behaviour Change

Modules for this product 14

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