EVOLVE past the trauma money blocks for Entrepreneurs

This is for the entrepreneur who is :

  • Who is not feeling feeling safe in business to be seen or take action
  • You got lots of help with strategy but it has left you feeling overwhelmed and not good enough
  • You are burnout and from overworking and tired of having NO MONEY to survive
  • You started this job to heal people because you know that is what you are here for BUT it has brought up your lack of self belief and you are struggling to make it a success
  • You are working even more than you did in the corporate world! There is no freedom or balance so you do at times think you should give up

Join a 90 minute masterclass on Thursday 7th September 2023 at 12pm UK time or catch replay ( you will have this for it's life time)

Imagine :

  • No more burn out - Using your gifts as coach, healer and mentor to create a life of balance , freedom and financial abundance not at the cost of your energy or your health
  • Unlock the flow of money towards you by simply working on your mindset, energy and making your inner child feel safe!
  • Having clarity on what action to take to make the impact you want by connecting to your inner coach!
  • Build your business around what YOU need so you can serve you audiences in a way that supports the season of life you are in!
  • Being a sold out entrepreneur who has the money to create the life that makes you happy with a TEAM!

My upcoming masterclass on Thursday 7th September at 12pm UK time will help you step into a NEW business reality!
We will cover:
1. Daily mindset , energy and trauma release rituals to help you get unstuck
2. How to make the business work for you, your energy and your season of life
3. How to overcome fears around being seen and charging more
4. How to use your intuition as the rocket fuel for your business success
5. Learning how to feel safe to receive !
6. How I choose strategies combinations no one else was doing!
and lots of EFT tapping and scripts for you to use afterwards
AND  the replay for life

So let me help you to feel safe to be YOU and share you gift with the world so you can build a life with balance, freedom and money to have the experiences you long for and a team to support you! My mission is to help break cycles of trauma but I cannot do that alone we need an army and if you have a calling and you can't quite seem to get past yours I hope you come on 7th September so I can teach you! 

Manpreet xx

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The events happens on 7th September but this is where any content that needs to be shared will live 

Post Event Resources

This section will be available on 08/09 it will include the replay , EFT scripts AND money tracker. You will have lifetime access to this

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